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English oak panel of an elephant c.1480.

The elephant on this panel is reminiscent of a manuscript illumination from Flanders or Utrecht drawn by Jacob van Maerlant in the second half of the 15th century, now in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The Netherlands.  Both beasts are shown with a long curling trunk, a tusk emerging from the lower jaw and a large eye.  Neither has ears.

Henry III was presented with an elephant as a gift for his menagerie in ...read more

Introduction to Celia Jennings and www.early-carving.com

Celia Jennings has been a dealer in Kent since 1970, specializing in early European woodcarving. A typical stock includes religious and secular panels and corbels, bench ends, pew finials, Gothic tracery, roof bosses, figures of the saints and the less saintly, both polychrome and unpainted, angels, cherubs, putti, caryatids, and beasts from the real and mythical animal kingdoms.

Many of the reference books have been out of print for years, some are brand new; all are intended to increase the knowledge of collectors and dealers alike.

The Library section holds a series of articles on symbolism and imagery in carving written by Celia Jennings and illustrated with carvings she has at one time owned. More articles are forthcoming.

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